Best Areas To Buy A Home in Chattanooga Tennessee

As the human population increases, cities are developed around fertile lands and prosperous towns to cater to the new wave of residents. To encourage the flow of investors and ordinary people looking to move to a new house, governments take on these massive projects of the renaissance. After a similar $120 Million Riverfront Project at Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2005 and the installation of the Fastest Internet in the country in 2010, this city has swiftly moved on to become one of the most popular choices in the real estate market of the country.

There are all kinds of homes for sale in Chattanooga from single-family units to large estates but if you are looking to buy one, following is the description of the best areas :

1. Lookout Mountain

Just beside Downtown Chattanooga, on the border of the states of Tennessee and Georgia, lies a majestic mountain range featuring major attractions like Ruby Falls. It is a small community with excellent public schools and premium housing options for those who afford one of the best views from their homes.

2. Signal Mountain

 With the most affluent people of the city living in this amazing community located on Walden Ridge, it has become an apple of the eye for majority premium buyers. Included in this area is the private Signal Mountain Golf Club that adds to the already mesmerizing beauty of this place.

3. Red Bank

Just beside the Signal Mountain, a couple of minutes away from Downtown, lies this vibrant part of Chattanooga city, a suburb with a mixture of options available for investors looking to secure houses in this area. A few minutes away are the Tennessee River and Riverpark on one side and North Shore and Alpine Heights on the other, making it the center of beautiful natural landscapes. 

4. Brainerd

Most commonly known for its shopping malls and single-family homes or townhouses, this area is swiftly becoming the ‘Midtown’ for the Chattanooga City. It has seen steady growth in the past few years, especially on the east side, and is a promising area for a house, 20 minutes drive from Downtown. 

5. Hixson

Just outside Red bank, Hixson is a perfect mixture of an urban and a suburban community with a fast-paced life. It also houses main attractions like Chickamauga Dam and Creek Conservancy and shopping areas like Northgate malls and Northtowne Center. You can get a pretty good deal down here if you are looking for a small quiet place to live, without paying too much.

Most people, when looking to buy a home, search for either the area with the best schools for children or low crime rate or availability of all necessary amenities. While there are also other areas with these characteristics like Broad Street, Lookout Mountain, East Ridge, Collegedale, Ooltewah and Soddy-Daisy, that house a variety of options for homes for sale. Those mentioned above are the most promising ones as per reviews by visitors. Among the above mentioned best areas to buy a home, you can shortlist a few options yourself, but hiring a local real estate agent would be recommendable in this case.

Author: Nicole Anthony