What is covered in a Home Inspection service

What is covered in a Home Inspection service

A home inspection report is invaluable for the buyer of the home because it covers a wide range of components of the home. The home inspectors conducting the service for you as the buyer should be able to provide you with a brief description of what the whole process entails. This should help you explain what a home inspection is and how important it is.

As a home buyer, you should be aware of the components of the home that the home inspector will be able to inspect. This is for the basic home inspection plan which is what you might get if you have a real estate agent perform the home inspection for you. They might not dive deep into most of the other components of the home as some of them will need a specialist to understand if they are in excellent condition or not.

On the checklist of a general or basic home inspection, you should expect to find;

  • Inspection of the lot area; which covers the nature of the slope of the neighbourhood in which the home is as well as the elevation that might be a worry as far as the home is concerned

  • The roofing of the home-the peak of the roofs as well as the condition of the vents. If there are gaps that will need to be renovated or even if the shingles are in poor condition

  • The chimney on the roof

  • The condition of the siding of the house for sale

  • The soffits and fascia that are in place in the house

  • The condition of the gutters and the downspouts

  • The condition of the doors and windows both on the outside or the indoors

  • The foundation of the home

On the interior parts of the home, the home inspector should check;

  • The basement of the house

  • The interior walls of the house

  • The condition of the flooring of the rooms of the house

  • The condition of the ceilings of each of the rooms

  • The quality of the kitchen components such as the cabinets

  • The bathroom of the house

  • The electrical condition of the house‚Äôs switches, sockets and air conditioning systems

  • The heating systems of the house

  • The mechanical components of the house

Each of these will be inspected thoroughly as the report will be used by the client to decide whether to buy the property or not.

Bottom line

All in all, you now have a better understanding of what a home inspection service will cover; the components that will be checked. This is the basic interior and exterior parts of the home which are the walls and the floors. On the other hand, some aspects or damages that may be subjected to the home will require the attention of a specialist as they are the ones with expertise on how this should be conducted. You could always hire the services of a professional home inspector in Chattanooga who should be able to provide more than just the basic home inspection process.

Author: Desmond Thornton https://thorntonhomeinspections.net